You’re doing great things.

You’re changing the world for the better, one project at a time.
You want to grow your capacity, build your financial resilience or get a new project off the ground…but where do you start?

That’s where we come in.

Adapt for Arts exists to help you become more sustainable. We do this through organisational development, fundraising consultancy, research, and training. We also take learning from our work across the UK, combine this with research and practice from other industries, and create innovations to solve challenges affecting the arts and cultural sector.

Since 2016 we’ve strengthened the sustainability of 25+ arts organisations across the UK including TIN Arts, The Old Courts, Edinburgh Printmakers and The Art House, Wakefield.

There’s nobody else who works like Adapt for Arts. They totally immerse themselves with you, supporting you every step of the way from the project thinking, through strategy, to approaching funders.
— Shan Edwards, CEO, Edinburgh Printmakers


Transformation projects

You may be developing a new direction for your organisation, or taking on new projects and programmes that will fill or stretch your capacity, for example, a major capital campaign. We can provide long-term support via a bespoke project to develop a culture change, new way of working or a concentrated period of growth.

Intensive hands-on support

You are a Director or Manager and you would really benefit from advice and guidance that is only a phone call away. We can be on-hand to support your long-term, and day-to-day needs, whether it be strategy, reflection or delivery.

Fundraising strategy & action planning

You know you have to fundraise but you aren’t sure what is realistic and appropriate for your organisation. We can work with you to develop an actionable fundraising plan that takes into account your specific set of circumstances.


You don’t currently have the capacity or resources to carry out your fundraising plans. We can help lighten the load, with a close eye on building capacity so to end the perpetual cycle of project funding.

Business planning

You need to set your course for the next few years, and you want to find a way to do this that involves and engages your team. We can lead this process, from facilitated sessions, to ongoing support to develop this crucial document.

Training, consultation and/or advice

You want to know about something really specific like individual giving or strategic relationship building. We can deliver targeted sessions that are engaging, informative, inspirational, but also practical.


You need to bring people together to reach a specific aim. We can lead this in a way that empowers and engages people to reach consensus on an idea, or make some big decisions. We design processes carefully to make the most out of an opportunity where everyone is in the room.

In the whole of my career, I don’t think I have ever experienced such a pragmatic & engaging session before. Adapt for Arts enabled us to really articulate our multi faceted offer and brought real clarity about how we embed fundraising right at the very heart of Brighter Sound.
— Debra King, Director, Brighter Sound